Real Life

“The very essence of romance is uncertainty.”

-Oscar Wilde


Hello Readers! Not a normal post because I’m still out of the country but thought to give you guys a little insight to  get the brain flowing. My goal in this blog is to give insight and talk about the real truths that us Second Life users go through. There are so many scenarios, that it’s kind of hard to go through each one and really get into it. I based my posts on certain topics that I feel are broad enough to get to the narrow scopes that everyone knows. It’s tough to discuss about certain topics because many of us have gone through the pain or maybe gone through a short lived happiness. Of course as a writer I don’t come to rant about my love life either but to just share truths and be honest.

Real life? or Second life?

When you meet someone do you ever decide to discuss your real life just like any normal conversation you would have in the Real world. For instance; your job, education, hobbies, family and other things that you are most likely to share. Or do you guys discuss your Second Life and talk about the new job position you got hired for and brag about that family that took you in from day one. It can be a bit confusing because there are people that ask, “Are you talking about real life?”Its interesting to see when people ask this because it opens up doors to a life you may be escaping from, right? You may answer of course and start talking about it but there are others that believe it should be strictly not talked about.

Even if you say SL is SL and RL is RL. There are people that have no idea how to actually separate it at all. And it’s a bit silly seeing someone go from not saying anything to telling you about their day in school and work when you’re just like,” How do I respond?”

But back to where I was going at, my question is when do you decide to bring this relationship you have online to reality? Is it the first time your meeting/dating, or does it take awhile to share such things. Of course we all develop relationships differently but from experience, real life was discussed the minute “this” guy was met and that processed to being a real relationship.

Ever get scared about sharing so much? You have so much to lose if people discovered what you have. Or maybe your life is to difficult to bring this amazing person in reality. We are all different and live different ways. There’s no right or wrong solution on how to overcome such anxiety’s that build when it’s about mixing both lives together. But I say remember who you are, and you are the one that controls what happens. So take it into your hands instead of depending on someone because you are the owner of your actions.


How long did your relationships last?

Did you take your relationships to real life?

(If so) Did you ever meet them? Or discuss the topic of seeing each other?

How do you feel about discussing your real life on Second life?

If Real life is off limits, does the person you date believe the same?

Thank you so much for reading my little post and wish all my readers the best! I would like to give a special thanks to the photographer that asked to help out with the blog and my creator who made such an amazing logo for me. So take care everyone and hope to see you in my next post! 🙂


“Life is Beautiful”



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