Second Chances

“For she was a stunning mystery. She carried things deep inside her that no one has yet to understand and I, was afraid to fail like the others. She was the ocean and I was just a boy who loved the waves but was completely terrified to swim.” -Christopher Poindexter


Second Chances

In Secondlife we are all looking to have fun. Correct? Well of course many of us pursue what we enjoy in this virtual world. For instance, making friends, family, creating objects, fashion, even romance. Everything can be fun of course but do you ever imagine going through a hurtful journey. Losing someone that you trusted and opened yourself to.

Or matter of fact faked who they were so that they can have their own fun. Well I had the chance to hear a story that is very baffling and shocking to hear. Of course there can be many stories like this but do you ever imagine that the second chance you do try with someone might turn to such pain…
Many are hurt by others and truthfully give up on really gaining a second chance, but those that are lucky to have people around them that push them to start over. In this situation that I was given the chance to hear is about a woman that had been in a very long partnership and after him leaving SL she had given up trying. Her friends of course pushed her to meet someone who pushed her to new ways that she never really was offered. For example, getting married, having their own prim babies while adopting other people to be their child. Exploring SL in a different type of way so that they could experience it together.


“I never knew I had the power to hurt him, only that he possessed the power to hurt me.”

– Ann Aguirre

Of course many girls have the illusion by such beautiful words but in this scenario it didn’t end as pretty as she thought it would be. She did get married to him but in the end he wasn’t who he really was and the friends she supposedly had were all his alternate accounts. He created scenarios of jealousy, lies and many other actions that would shock anyone… Was this just play to him? Or was he writing a novel and she was the star. She felt betrayed and she gave up on trying again, trust was harder to give and harder to be obtained. But in the end she found someone along the way she never would’ve never thought to give a chance to.

Never To Late

You found someone, and you feel somethings starting… It frightens you so much because this person can be way better than what you imagined… You’ve been hurt so much and chances are so lost that your not even sure if you can try again. He pushes you and asks more than what you really can give. Feelings? What are true feelings? How do you even show them after so much, but is the person that is trying to get to you even fair for asking so much of you after your past. That person may never understand what your going through and has expressed their own feelings towards you. You get the guts to tell them how you feel but you know in that simple message you held back because your not even sure. But what are you trying to get? Why are you pushing so much.. that is it even right? Yes, its never to late to overcome whats happened before but why does someone have to push you so much. Well theres two ways to see this… and it’s because they see the hole you’ve dug your self in and they see something in you that they wish to experience. Or its their personality and trying with you is what they want. They could be bad or good, but its never to late to start something. But you must be true to yourself, and not let that other person push your boundaries because its all about you not them


“If a relationship is ultimately based on Love everything is worth one more try.”
-c. dorias

Point of View

You can be pushed and you can be hurt, but everyone else see’s so much in you that they want to help you. Don’t push that second chance away if it’s given. But also be open to the other person and show them that you are trying, and that you’re just scared of the outcome. It’s okay to accept these things, but it’s also ok to share these things with the other person. They may be a little shocked by the sudden information because many try to avoid such huge problems, but if they are worth it, they will stick by your side and help you overcome the fears that hold you back. Just remember that in life; time passes even if we try to hide from it. Day’s go by and it’ll be years if you leave yourself trying to avoid the risk of falling again. We are all selfish, and we all deserve something more. That person that is pushing you is also selfish as well and it may be a bit scary, but sometimes it’s okay because it may just be the thing you need to get back on your feet. Don’t give up on what really matters and what you really want. It takes obstacles to get wherever you want to be, and pain is a step to getting there.
But readers trust me on this, it will all pass and next thing you know you will be with someone worthwhile and everything will ease. Even pain and heartbreak are temporary and they won’t be around forever and sometimes were lucky enough to find a person who can be there to hold you up when you’re weak and walk with you through it.


“Sometimes you were handed a second chance, and all you had to do was close your eyes and step into it.” – Jean Oram

Bloggers Note: Drum roll please… Yes, I apologize to all my readers for the late post. Mondays nights are my official post times but I felt that my writing that night wasn’t what I wanted to protray. I hope you guys enjoyed the post, it was a tough one for me honestly but very enjoying to write. I want to thank my editor, photographer, readers, commenters, and to all the people that sent me a message which was very encouraging. I can’t thank you guys enough for all the support in this blog! I won’t be posting a normal post next Monday, because it’s Spring Break for me and I’ll be out of the country.

I promise that when I come back that the post will be spectacular since I have so much planned already,  Thanks again everyone for reading and feel free to comment on what you think! It can be about anything, from relationships to any obstacles you’ve been through. I’d love to hear! I’m looking for stories and models for the next couple photo shoots.

Don’t forget,

“Life is Beautiful”



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