The Weekend

“To say that one waits a lifetime for his soulmate to come around is a paradox. People eventually get sick of waiting, take a chance on someone, and by the art of commitment become soulmates, which takes a lifetime to perfect.”

. -Criss Jami



“Single |sin•gle| (adjective) – Too fabulous to settle.” – Mandy Hale

So you’re single…. ok I’ll rephrase it a bit. Are you single?  Or maybe married and have an actual boyfriend/girlfriend in real life but single in Second Life. Does the topic “single” need to be verified, or does this really matter. And who the hell cares, it’s just an excuse to label ourselves which is common in society.

So lets start off shall we?

You’re in Secondlife; single, having fun, mingling, making new friends, having that casual flirt with that cute guy you just met. Or better yet you’re a hardcore role player and your way above average since that is your thing. Everyone starts their single life differently and some others jump the gun and date faster than expected. Some of us are shy and bit more wary since there is a chance on getting hurt. But in every situation there’s always a chance for it to go right or wrong. Yes, ladies and gentlemen you can get hurt, its natural and its life. But this is our Secondlife, its to experience what you can’t do, and what you’d be scared of doing in some situations.


“A good place to meet a man is at the dry cleaner. These men usually have jobs and bathe.” -Rita Rudner

Every lady is different when it comes to our personalities. Like many of us are to shy that we try to put a hard front to show how strong we can be but it also can be looked as bitchy. The guy can think he’s a total turn off and feel as if you aren’t interested. I would say be careful because you may scare the guy off… go out the back window and tp out since SL gives us such luxuries. Or you also may just be a natural flirt and giggling is what you do. As someone said to me once, “The guy should be the one that flirts not the other way around. The guy should be the one that takes your breath away.” Or make you laugh your ass off because funny is better than boring. I will say this though… if a guy comes up to you and says lets jump off a lighthouse naked… (haha, yes this is weird and funny but this situation did happen and yes he did jump off) but you know what girls/guys? JUMP! Why? Because you may just miss a chance with someone that is amazing, and someone that tried. Yes, some of us girls are pretty dense and are really bad at showing what we think. But dating and meeting someone happens when you least expect it, so stop planning and learn to just say yes and do it.


“The formula I’ve figured out: Stop being so damn picky and let go of the mental image of an ideal; talk to more strangers, because it builds confidence and helps you feel more connected; be open to every opportunity, and when you do meet someone you like, keep dating around. And there’s the mother of all lessons-the one I’m still working on: follow your instincts and even if you’re wrong about him (or her), you’ll know better for the next time.” -Rachel Machacek


Have you ever found yourself on the search tab looking for a new club? Or maybe a new hangout that you can meet people. From an author that barely goes on adventures I have discovered a place that is very different and it’s a bit funny to learn of such place. You can meet friends of course and have a good conversation. But the usual people are there to hook up, and get an easy lay. It’s rare to find someone that actually knows how to make a conversation in these places. It’s pretty hilarious because these pick up lines are just terrible. But hey! We should give them credit though. Guy or girl, because they took the chance to even message you. Some won’t dare because your avatar is intimidating, or they think you are so pretty that they feel that they have no chance. So the next time a guy does give you a pickup line, you should thank them.. But also there are some bad ones.. but they are a good laugh though!


“I like my men like I like my Vodka, Gone in the morning”

So in other words I have come to the conclusion of calling this place Second Life Tinder (just less swiping and more standing around and waiting for a message) I’ve never been on the app before, but I have seen advertisements and all I know is that if you don’t like them swipe to one side and if you do swipe the other side. When I stand around at this place, I see many girls just waiting for a guy to message them. It makes me pity them because seriously I’m not here to wait, but also I’m not looking to hook up.

Any who, its already hard to think about where you actually can meet this person that you may start this “romantic “ journey with. It can be from meeting by mutual friends. Or maybe you did decide to sleep with the guy which opens up doors to talk. Yes I do say that some girls are desperate, but it’s kind of hypocritical of saying that. Don’t you think? We are all desperate for some attention, if it’s not romance, it’s at least a conversation. We all hookup differently, and see it as an opportunity. Hooking up is not negative, it’s good in a way so you get to meet other people in the same situation.

Learning to have a Conversation

When you start talking to someone on here… have you ever experienced the usual “mhm” or “lol” I know I have and seriously it’s kind of difficult to have a conversation with someone that doesn’t even try. It can be super frustrating but also that person that your maybe talking to or hooking up is just not the right match for you. We should all learn to type words, as well as speak them (Usually I want to buy the person a damn dictionary or thesaurus) anyways, you should at least try. It can be aggravating if you are in a relationship since it should be seen as 50/50; Meaning that both people that are in it should try equally so it works. And that’s just how a conversation should be. Sometimes we get the usual chuckle, giggle, snort, and it can be a weird way in seeing a small part of roleplay. But everyone should at least try and not just be there to wait. Because sometimes maybe that person who is barely talking has a lot to say but its just hard because they aren’t sure if you want to hear it. I know that there are some guys, who rather have a girl talk their mouth off so they avoid talking. But you should be talking to!

I will also say that there are boring people out there but lets not discriminate because everyone at some point of time has gotten the weird feeing when you have no idea what to talk about.


“Are you mine tomorrow, or just mine for the night?” -unknown

So have an icebreaker ready, or go look at google and type topics to talk about! (yes.. I’m that type of person…) But hey! Who knows, maybe that person right in front of you is your best friend. Or maybe can make you laugh at the pickup line they give you and that alone starts a new adventure for you both, regardless if it’s friend, or more than friends. You should always try to be open and not so negative. So if the guy has an empty profile, or one that is filled with so many pics give each guy a chance. There will always be a possibility that your gonna meet: a jerk, a perv, or a creeper. But there’s also a chance you will meet a guy that will be: nice, polite, funny and sometimes handsome. Treat all of them the same way, just as you men should treat every woman the same even if she doesn’t have the newest mesh body. Just remember that there is a real person behind each user.


“Classy women don’t have one night stands, we have auditions. You didnt get a call-back” -unknown

Bloggers note: Omgosh second official post!!! I hope you guys love it as much as I do. My inspiration in this blog keeps flowing and I hope you keep reading. I want to thank my models, photographer, editor for helping me so much. And going through last minute changes because I’m so bossy… haha but hope you readers enjoy!

Also I’m looking for stories to feature on my blog! I promise that everything will be anonymous since I believe thats important. I’m not here to judge on what happened but to share and open light on relationships that are common in Secondlife. So thank you once again! And comment below on your thoughts!!

 Remember, “Life is Beautiful”



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